🔍Analyzing GKE costs

Follow the below steps to enable GKE cost allocation and integrate detailed usage cost export with Economize, allowing you to analyze GKE costs within Reports.

Step 1: Enable GKE cost allocation

Refer to the official GCP documentation below to enable GKE cost allocation for all the clusters of a project for which you wish to analyze costs within the Economize console.

Step 2: Enable detailed usage cost export

You can skip step 2 if you already enabled the Detailed usage cost export during onboarding.

GCP provides an option to export your billing data to the BigQuery dataset. This consists of details regarding your usage, and pricing data.

  1. Click the hamburger menu at the top left of the GCP console, and select Billing.

  2. In the left Billing navigation menu, select Billing Export.

  3. For Detailed usage cost, click EDIT SETTINGS to enable them.

  4. Configure the following settings in accordance with the steps you performed during onboarding:

    • From the Projects list, select the project you set up to contain your billing data.

    • For Dataset, select the dataset that you set up to contain your exported Cloud Billing data during onboarding.

  5. Click on SAVE.

  6. Once the export is enabled it will indicate the same as follows.

  1. Navigate to the Projects page within Economize settings, and click on the Pen icon of the project you enabled GKE cost allocation in step 1, to update its configuration.

  2. Enter the Dataset ID of the BigQuery dataset you used in step 2 in the following text field.

  1. Test your connection to the dataset by clicking on the Test button.

  2. Click on the Save Changes button.


You can now navigate to the Reports within the Economize console and start analyzing the GKE costs.

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