The Resources feature is currently supported for GCP, and AWS only.

Economize monitors active resources in your account for the connected cloud providers. This action generates an active resources report, which provides visibility into all the currently operational resources and the associated costs incurred by each resource. Resources examples include GCP VM Instances, Amazon S3 buckets, etc.

The Resources provide you with the following information and controls:



How to enable Resources to analyze all assets within your cloud environment?

GCP Resources

To analyze all assets in your GCP project you will need to enable the Cloud Asset API within the GCP console for that specific project, which manages the history and inventory of all resources helping you to discover, monitor, and analyze all your assets in one place.

AWS Resources

To analyze all resources in your AWS account you will need to enable AWS Resource Explorer within the AWS console, as it helps to efficiently search for and discover your resources across AWS Regions and accounts.

Refer to the official AWS documentation below to learn how to Set up and configure AWS Resource Explorer:

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