The Incidents page serves as a log of estimated average costs and compares it to the actual resource usage. Whenever the usage rises over a certain threshold, it is recorded as an anomaly. This data is essential for cost optimization, as it allows users to see where their costs are abnormally high, and investigate the factors that cause it. The Anomaly Alerts page can be accessed from the menu present on the dashboard.

While viewing cost anomalies, any unexpected rise over a predicted threshold is marked with a yellow blip on the line graph. The lightly transparent blue highlight is a representation of the average costs, and the higher and lower limits of the predicted cost estimations. To view detailed data for a particular event, users can hover their cursor and see the presented details in a black dialogue box. To change time intervals, users may choose from the Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly options at the top of the graph.

Incidents Capabilities

The Incidents feature offers a range of powerful capabilities designed to help organizations detect, monitor and respond to threats quickly and effectively. With real-time monitoring and anomaly detection capabilities, users can detect potential issues and take action accordingly. Root-cause analysis allows users to quickly identify the underlying cause of an incident, while event tracking provides a complete history of all related events.

To learn more about each of the Incidents Capabilities, do check out the following pages:

pageReal-time Monitoring🔍pageAnomaly Detection🔬pageRoot-cause Analysis🎫pageEvents

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