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With Explorer, users can discover and monitor all their cloud resources, such as virtual machines, storage accounts, and databases, and gain real-time insights into their usage and performance. The feature also provides a unified view of all cloud expenses, allowing users to identify and eliminate wasted or underutilized resources, and optimize cloud costs.
The Assets Explorer makes it easier for organizations to plan their cloud budget effectively, by providing detailed reports on cloud usage patterns, projected spending, and budget variance.

Explorer Capabilities

Explorer enables users to access their cloud asset inventory and obtain the unit-level costs of their resources in a structured format. Explorer capabilities provide users with an advanced set of abilities such as knowing the exact cost of a static IP address or a Kubernetes cluster and estimating their TCO, and advanced breakdown of their Kubernetes cluster including cost per namespace, label, and cluster. Additionally, direct integration with BigQuery helps users find their cost per query, cost per user, cost per table, or dataset.
To learn more about each Explorer's Capabilities, you can view each page below:
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