The Reports offer comprehensive insights into cloud usage and spending, allowing you to effortlessly slice and dice your complicated cloud cost data.

The Reports provide you with the following information and controls:


Summary cards:

The top of the page displays the following four KPIs for the selected project:

  • Total spend (last month)

  • Total spend (this month so far)

  • Services used

  • Total potential savings


You can control the provided data by selecting the tabs for the following entities:

TabUse Case

Projects (GCP)/ Accounts (AWS)

Shows the cost associated with each project or account


Shows the cost associated with individual used service in your cloud environment


Shows the cost associated with each used SKU in your cloud environment

Labels (GCP)/ Tags (AWS)

Shows the cost associated with each label or tag in your cloud environment

Networking (GCP)/ Data Transfer (AWS)

Shows the associated cost or usage for networking or data transfer in your cloud environment

For GCP projects you can also analyze the cost breakdown for the following specific services:

ServicesUse Case


Shows the BigQuery costs associated with a project which can be further analyzed based on Top queries, Top datasets, Top tables, and Top users

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Shows the GKE costs associated with a project which can be further analyzed based on Cluster costs, Namespace costs, Label costs, and Cluster details

Cloud Logging

Provides Cloud Logging breakdown for the cost and volume of a project


ControlUse Case

Project selector

Select the project for which data will be displayed

Formatted as (Visulaization format)

Specify the desired format for visualizing the data, such as table, bar chart, pie chart, or line chart

During (Date selector)

Select a specific date range for filtering the data

Grouped as

Groups the data based on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

With credits

When switched on, it displays the cost subtotal for which you are accountable, i.e., the actual cost minus discounts or promotions


Applies filters to narrow down the data displayed based on specific criteria

Add to views

Enables to save the current data configuration to a customized view

Download as CSV

Download the data in CSV format for further analysis

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