Alerts allow users to proactively monitor and manage their cloud spending by setting alerts based on predefined thresholds. With this feature, users can receive real-time updates and alerts whenever their cloud spending exceeds the set limit or deviates from the normal spending pattern. This allows users to take immediate corrective actions to control their cloud spending and avoid any potential budget overruns. The Alerts feature provides users with the flexibility to customize alerts based on specific parameters such as cost, usage, and service type. By utilizing the Alerts feature, users can better manage their cloud spending and optimize their cloud environment to achieve cost efficiency.

Alerts can be easily accessed within Reports Top Panel through the following Alerts button:

Once a user clicks on it, they will be able to see all the available alerts already been set by them, if not then they can create it using Create Cost Alert button.

After clicking on this button users will be shown a particular set of measures that they can set to their liking in order to receive alerts in the specified slack channel.

Finally, you can click on the Create Alert button, & voila you are all set to receive alerts for your specified parameters.

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