Once you set up a cloud provider integration, Economize will automatically begin ingesting billing information for your account. The default landing page in the Economize is the Overview page, providing a comprehensive snapshot of the cloud cost metrics that matter most to you.

The Economize dashboard contains several sections that help in monitoring key metrics of cloud spend as follows:

Summary Cards

The dashboard features a set of summary cards at the top that provide a snapshot of key financial metrics like the total cost of the last 6 months, last month's cost accounted for before and after credits, and forecasted cost, which gives an estimate of the expected costs by the end of the current month, aiding in budget planning.


Organization Cost:

This represents your organization's expenditures over the last 6 months. To view detailed information, just simply hover the cursor over the graph line and you will be presented with the respective data along with the credits breakdown list for that particular month.

Breakdown by Services:

This graph depicts the top five cloud service usages in prior months. Each hue in the graph represents a separate cloud service, as shown by the color-coded legends. To see the actual figures for any given month, simply hover the cursor over the graph line, and you will be presented with the specific expenditures of the services used. To convert between linear and bar chart types, use the drop-down option in the top-right corner of this graph.

Projects Spend Table

This table lists individual projects and their associated costs for the last month, as well as the percentage increase or decrease in spending over the previous period. Each project also has a potential savings column that suggests possible savings opportunities.

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