After signing in with the account credentials, users are presented with the Economize dashboard, which provides a macro-scale view of your organization's cloud expenditure with two interactive graphs.
By default, we have the comparative cloud spend graph, titled Organization Cost. This is a representation of your organization's expenditures with reference to the last 6 months, and the comparative rate of spend with respect to the previous month.
Users can also see the percentage and amount of difference in expenditure in the numerical representation right adjacent to the graph. To view detailed information on the graph, you may simply hover your cursors over the intersecting graph lines and be presented with the respective data as well as the credits breakdown list for that particular month.
In order to view monthly spend on each service users can change the graph by simply clicking on the button titled Breakdown by Services. This will provide a detailed depiction of your top cloud services utilization over a span of 6 months. Every color on the graph is a representation of a different cloud service, as explained by the color-coded key below. To view the exact figures of any particular month, users may simply hover their cursor over the intersecting graph lines and be presented with the exact costs of the utilized services. To switch between linear chart and bar chart representations, they may use the slider button on the top-right of this graph.
Additionally, there are various other utilities for users to view their organization's cloud expenditure. They can be accessed from the menu present on the dashboard page.