Economizeโ€™s Recommendations Engine provides actionable insights and suggestions to optimize cloud spend and is accessible from the sidebar of the Economize console.

The application begins crawling all of the resources in your onboarded project as soon as you integrate it and provides you with suggestions to reduce your cloud spend.

The Recommendations provide you with the following information and controls:


  • Total recommendations available.

  • Potential savings per month across all the projects if you apply the recommendations.

  • Resources crawled across your projects.

  • Each recommendation breakdown displays the following information:


Resource name

Name of the resource for which the recommendation is generated.

Estimated savings

Potential monthly savings, if you apply that recommendation.


Explaining the recommendation why and how it will save you on your cloud bill.


Where that particular resource is located.

Recommended action

The intended action that needs to be taken to apply the recommendation.


  • You can easily manage all the recommendations using separate tabs. If you want to save a particular recommendation for future reference you can use the star icon which will move that to the Saved Recommendations tab. In case if you do not want to act on a suggestion you have the option to move it to the Dismissed Recommendations tab by using the trash icon.

  • You can filter by resource type or associated labels, and sort by available savings.

  • Additionally, you get the functionality to share any recommendation by copying the shareable link for it as well as downloading the generated recommendations as a CSV file.

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