💸Aerial View

Aerial View allows you to see the monthly cost of specific projects and services used in an interactive sunburst chart.

Aerial view comprises 2 main components as follows that can be utilized to understand cloud costs better.

Sunburst chart

The sunburst chart helps to visualize the cloud cost hierarchically. It shows hierarchy through a series of concentric rings, where each ring corresponds to a cloud resource. Furthermore, each ring is segmented proportionally to represent its constituent details.

To change the month for which the data is depicted, use the drop-down button at the top right corner. After selecting the desired month, the chart will gauge and represent all the aggregate costs of the projects and associated resources accordingly.

Spend table

The expenditure table is located on the right, with the first row displaying the aggregate cost of all connected resources, followed by the expenses of those resources individually. To dig down further for a certain resource, simply click on it and the metrics will populate accordingly.

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