Economize Notification feature keeps you in the loop with real-time alerts on your cloud spending. Set custom thresholds and receive notifications when your costs exceed them, giving you the power to take immediate action and prevent overspending. With Economize notifications, you’ll have the visibility and control you need to confidently manage your cloud costs and optimize your spending.

Notification Capabilities

The Notifications offer users a variety of capabilities to help them stay informed about their cloud costs. The platform's Summary feature allows users to receive periodic reports on their cloud usage and costs, providing a high-level overview of their cloud spending. Additionally, the Alerts feature enables users to set up customized alerts based on specific thresholds or patterns in their cloud usage, ensuring that they are promptly notified of any cost spikes or unusual activity. Together, these capabilities provide users with a comprehensive view of their cloud costs and enable them to take proactive steps toward cost optimization.

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