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What is a role? What is ARN id and how to find it?

🎭 What is a Role?

An AWS role is an identity that you can create to allow access to AWS resources and services. Roles are used to grant temporary permissions to resources and services to a user, application, or service. This eliminates the need for users to have long-term access keys or credentials that could be compromised.
A role consists of a set of permissions and policies that define what resources and services the role can access. Roles can be assigned to users, groups, or applications, and they can be created for different purposes, such as to enable cross-account access, allow access to specific resources, or grant permissions for a specific task.

📦 What is ARN ID and how to find it?

ARN stands for Amazon Resource Name, which is a unique identifier assigned to each AWS resource. An ARN ID is a specific portion of an ARN that identifies a specific resource or entity within AWS. The format of an ARN ID is as follows:
For example, an ARN ID for an Amazon S3 bucket might look like this:
To find the ARN ID of a resource, you can navigate to the resource in the AWS Management Console and look for the ARN in the resource details or properties. You can also use the AWS CLI or SDKs to retrieve the ARN ID programmatically.
To retrieve the ARN ID of an AWS role, you can use the following AWS CLI command:
aws iam get-role --role-name my-role-name
This will return a JSON object containing the details of the specified role, including its ARN ID.