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What is a project, organization, & billing account?

📁 What is a Project?

A GCP project is a fundamental unit of work. It is a container for resources that are used to develop, deploy, and run applications. Projects can be used to organize resources based on the business requirements, such as department, environment, and application type. A project can be created by anyone who has access to GCP. The owner of the project has full control over the project and its resources, including the ability to add or remove members, assign roles, and manage billing.
Projects in GCP are identified by a unique project ID, which is used to distinguish one project from another. The project ID is also used in the project’s URL, and it is visible in various places in the GCP console. A project can contain a wide range of resources, including virtual machines, storage buckets, databases, and network resources.

🏢 What is an Organization?

An organization in GCP is a group of related projects that are managed as a single entity. It provides a way to manage projects, resources, and permissions across an entire organization. An organization is created by the GCP account administrator, who can assign roles and permissions to organization members.
An organization provides a hierarchical structure for managing resources. The top-level organization can have multiple child organizations, which can in turn have their own child organizations. This allows for granular access control and resource management across the entire organization. For example, a department within an organization can have its own set of projects and resources, with different access and permission levels.

💳 What is a Billing Account?

A billing account in GCP is used to pay for the resources that are used in GCP projects. It is linked to one or more projects, and it contains the payment information, such as credit card or bank account details. A billing account is created by the GCP account administrator, who is responsible for managing the billing account and ensuring that it is up to date.
A billing account can be linked to one or more projects, and the resources used in those projects are charged to the billing account. It is possible to have multiple billing accounts for an organization, which can be used to manage costs for different departments or business units.