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Analyzing BigQuery Costs with Logging Export

Creating and integrating logging export with Economize allows you to analyze your BigQuery costs.

Create logging sink

  • Before creating the sink, open BigQuery to create a dataset logging_export in the same region as your billing export dataset.
  • Provide a sink name and select the created BigQuery dataset logging_export as destination.
  • Tick the Use partitioned tables checkbox in form.
  • Provide the below inclusion filter in step 3
    protoPayload.serviceName="" and protoPayload.methodName="jobservice.jobcompleted"
  • Leave exclusion filter as empty and click on Create Sink
  • Share the BigQuery export dataset to the integrated service account.

Integrating Logging Sink

  • Click on the gear icon.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Switch to Organisations tab.
  • Click on the pen icon.
  • Enter the name of the dataset of your logging sink on text field.
  • Test your connection to the dataset by clicking on the test button.
  • Click on Save and BigQuery Cost Breakdown is ready to use.