Cost Breakdown

The cost breakdown page is accessible from the menu present on the dashboard. It enables users to view their monthly costs on specific cloud services in an interactive starburst-chart depiction. The key advantage of using this method of representation is in enabling users to compare costs between services and the different projects in which they are utilized.
To change the date and month for which the data is depicted, users may click the drop-down button on the top right corner of the page. After selecting the desired month and year, the chart will gauge and represent all the aggregate costs of the projects as well as specific costs for the cloud services utilized within that time period.
On the pricing chart at the right, the first representation is an aggregate cost of all the projects within that month. Below it, are the costs of each individual project. To view the amount of usage for one specific project, users may simply click on that particular project name and view the costs for each resource utilized. To view additional details, they can click on the subsets of that project and see representations accurately.
For quickly reverting to a different folder, users can select the particular project, its subsets, and the individual resources by hovering and clicking over any of the displayed titles in the grey navigation bar.