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Organization View


Economize’s Organization View gives you a complete view of your cloud costs across all of your projects and billing accounts. With this feature, you can see how much you’re spending at the organization level, as well as drill down to view costs at the project or billing account level. This granular view allows you to track your costs in real-time and identify areas for optimization.

Organization View Capabilities

The Organization View in Economize offers a range of capabilities to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of your cloud usage across your entire organization.
Cost Breakdown, which provides a detailed analysis of cloud costs using a sunburst chart, allows users to identify which resources are consuming the most cost. Custom views enable users to save specific datasets or visualizations for future use, while Unit Cost Metrics provide a comprehensive representation of different labeled resources in use by the organization and their respective costs.
These capabilities make it easier for organizations to understand and optimize their cloud expenses. To learn more about each of these features, check out the following pages: