💰Unit Cost

The Unit Cost Metrics provide a comprehensive representation of the different labeled resources in use by your organization and their respective costs. It is accessible from the Economize dashboard that is presented to the user after signing in with their credentials.

To add metrics to the Unit Cost Metrics projection, users may simply press the + Add label button on the top right, and select the required label from the dropdown menu that appears after clicking Add Dimensions button. To remove a label from the projection, they must click the - icon near the dropdown lists.

The top banner contains one sliding button and a time picker menu. The first button is used to hide or unhide unlabelled resources within the selected project. To the right of this button, we have a drop-down menu that enables users to view data corresponding to the month and year they have selected.

In the graph view, users can hover their cursor over a specific color and view the cost, and for the list view, users can utilize the arrow icons near the COST heading to order lists by ascending and descending costs.

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