Data Safety & Security

Economize is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its users' data. We take a number of measures to protect the data of our users. Following are the measures and the precautions we take to protect our users' data from unauthorized access, accidental loss, or destruction.

Data Encryption

All data transmitted between the user's device and our servers are encrypted using industry-standard SSL/TLS protocols. This encryption ensures that data is transmitted securely over the internet and cannot be intercepted or compromised by malicious third parties.

Data Storage

All data collected by Economize is stored in secure, redundant servers in geographically distributed data centers. We use a combination of data replication and backup strategies to ensure that data is always available and that there is no single point of failure in our system.

Access Control

Economize has strict access control policies that ensure only authorized personnel can access our servers and user data. All employees are subject to background checks and are required to sign non-disclosure agreements and security policies before they can access user data. We also regularly audit access logs to ensure that there are no unauthorized attempts to access user data.

Data Retention

Economize retains user data only for as long as necessary to provide our services. When a user's account is closed, all user data is deleted from our servers within 30 days. We retain backup copies of user data for a limited time in case of accidental loss or destruction, but these backups are secured using the same security measures as our live systems.

Third-Party Security

Economize uses third-party service providers for some of our services, such as payment processing and data storage. We carefully vet these third-party providers to ensure that they meet our security standards and have appropriate security measures in place to protect user data.