Data Collected

Economize is designed to collect data related to the usage and costs of cloud services, as well as related metadata and configuration information. The specific types of data collected may include:
  • Usage and billing data: Economize retrieves usage and billing data from cloud service providers in order to provide cost analysis and optimization recommendations. This may include data on compute, storage, network, and other types of services.
  • Configuration data: Economize also collects configuration data related to cloud resources, such as instance sizes, storage types, and network settings. This information is used to help identify opportunities for optimization and cost reduction.
  • Metadata: In addition to usage and configuration data, Economize may collect metadata related to cloud resources, such as tags, labels, and other identifying information.
  • User data: If you use Economize with an account, we may collect information about your usage of the platform, such as which features you use and how often you log in.
Economize uses this data to provide cost analysis and optimization recommendations to its users. Data is stored securely and in accordance with our privacy policy, and is only accessed by authorized personnel as necessary for the purposes of providing our service.