🗃️Adding new GCP projects as an existing user

Step 1: Grant the viewer permission to the service account

To import all of your projects in a particular organization, grant Viewer permission at Organization IAM to the service account you used during initial onboarding.

Navigate to the IAM console, and complete the steps below to grant the service account permission to access project resources.

  1. At the top of the IAM console, select the organization or project you wish to onboard.

  2. Configure the permission as follows:

    • In the center of the page, under Permissions for project "My Project XYZ", click + GRANT ACCESS.

    • In the New principals field, under Add principals, paste the value of the service account you used during initial onboarding.

    • In the Role field, under Assign roles, search for and select Viewer.

Step 2: Import the project into Economize

  1. Navigate to the Projects page within settings, and click the Import Existing Projects button.

  1. Select the project you wish to onboard from the Projects to onboard field.

  1. Once selected, click on the Onboard projects button.

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